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John Oliver Offered Some of His Own Dad Jokes in Honor of America’s Stepdad Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine charmed the internet on Wednesday night by giving a very dadlike speech at the Democratic National Convention, complete with terrible impressions and cheesy jokes. Now, “America’s stepdad” can count John Oliver among his fans: On The Late Show, Oliver told Stephen Colbert that Kaine is just what the doctor ordered after a difficult campaign season, calling the VP candidate “a tall glass of Lactaid” and admiring his break-into-a-harmonica-solo-at-any-moment demeanor, along with all the “jokes and impressions that came out of that man’s soft face.”

The two former Daily Show correspondents also chatted about the RNC, Oliver’s Instagram feud with a Chechen warlord who lost his cat, and his shoutout in the new Gilmore Girls trailer. (Yes, Lorelai, John Oliver does think you’re hot.)