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Here Are the Best Pokémemes Inspired by Pokémon Go

Even Donald Trump is feeling a little more Krabby than usual.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Pokemon Go.

Whether or not you count yourself among the millions of people who swapped their social media diet for a lung full of fresh air in the grand pursuit of a Pokédex full of Pokémon, it’s hard to have missed the craze that swept across the globe this weekend. As with any type of viral sensation, the internet had lots to say about it—and the hilarity crescendoed as people started to go to increasingly wild places in order to level up.

If my own social circles are any indication, you should probably expect a stream of running commentary from everyone in your life about their own Poké-fails and triumphs for at least the next couple of weeks—the Pokémon craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Remind yourself of the lighter and brighter things in life after a rough few months via this selection of the best Pokémemes we’ve seen so far.