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This Clip From Pixar’s New Short Film Piper Will Help You Finally Forget About Lava

Pixar has released a new animated short with every feature film since A Bug’s Life, and Finding Dory will be no exception. Its paired short, Piper, will follow a hungry baby bird learning to overcome its fear of the water, inspired by director Alan Barillaro’s observations of sandpiper behavior during trips to the beach. Disney and Pixar have released a clip of Piper ahead of time, so you can get a (startlingly cute) sneak peek of what to expect from their latest short.

Piper has been called “the best theatrical short film from Pixar in a decade,” a pretty big claim for such a tiny sandpiper, but the meticulous attention to detail in the clip is breathtaking, with remarkable care being taken to render the textures of the sand, the water, and each itty-bitty feather. Not to mention, the short’s big-eyed, avian hero recalls the studio’s golden age, a promising sign that they’re rebounding after some recent swings and misses. Plus, did we mention that this new short is completely adorable? It’s completely adorable.