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A Look at Sarah Jessica Parker’s First Starring TV Role in More Than a Decade

Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to her role as a TV protagonist for the first time in more than a decade, and the first teaser for that new show, Divorce, has arrived. She stars as Frances, a woman who asks her husband Robert (Thomas Haden Church) for a divorce, much to his surprise. What we see so far suggests that a separation is easier said than done, however—middle fingers fly, objects and insults are thrown. (“A couple goes through a long, drawn-out divorce,” reads the pithy plot description on the show’s IMDb page.)


Divorce is set to air on HBO this fall as a half-hour comedy, which means—when considered alongside the fact that Parker is the star—an obligatory nod to her signature character Carrie Bradshaw is in order. And so I’ll oblige, though aside from the focus on romantic relationships, the shows appear to have little in common. It’s doubtful anyone’s going to be ogling (or laughing at) Frances’ upper-class urban professional wardrobe as they did Carrie’s adventurous sartorial choices. And the former appears to be a considerably more mature, clear-headed character than the neurotic latter.

This is probably a good thing—she may never step out of the shadow of Carrie, but it’ll be fun to see her in something totally different.