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Stephen Colbert Used Helpful Diagrams to Explain Exactly What Trump Is Thinking

Colbert has been skewering Donald Trump since his very first night hosting The Late Show, but his segment Tuesday night was unlike anything he’s done on the show before. Colbert began by slamming Trump’s response to the Pulse nightclub massacre, in which he condemned immigrants and villified all American Muslims as potential threats, calling it “nativism, fearmongering, and self-aggrandizing in the face of tragedy” and longing for the days when Trump’s antics were sort of funny, rather than dangerous: “Donald, can’t we just put the focus of your campaign back on your genitals?”

But Colbert’s attack on Trump really found its bite when he moved on to Trump’s comments about President Obama, in which Trump seemingly implied that the president may be an ISIS sympathizer or secretly Muslim. Since Trump refused to elaborate on what he meant by cryptic remarks like “something’s going on,” Colbert decided to decode it himself, pulling out a chalkboard to diagram Trump’s logic. And the result, when he connected the dots, was a swastika.

That’s right, Colbert basically called Trump a Nazi on late night television—and he had a big smile on his face while doing it.