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Samantha Bee to Republicans: Take a Lesson From Breaking Bad, Don’t Ignore Party Racism

Samantha Bee is not the first late-night host to call Donald Trump a Nazi, but it sure is fun to watch her do it. Just a week after ripping politicians for their inaction on gun control, Bee took on Trump’s nativism on Full Frontal last night, checking off all of the GOP nominee’s talking points for a rousing game of Gestapo Bingo and exposing the ugly origin of one of Trump’s favorite catchphrases. (Hint: It was coined by a fascist sympathizer.)

But the meat of Bee’s segment targeted the GOP as a whole, as she told off Republican leaders for failing to confront both Trump’s overt racism and the real problem—the bigotry within the party that existed well before Trump came along. She gave them some advice: Take a hint from Breaking Bad, and maybe don’t do business with white supremacists next time? Just a thought.