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Nick Offerman and His Dad’s Father’s Day Ad Says It All Without Saying a Thing

Fathers and sons relate to one another in all sorts of ways. Some like to have a good heart-to-heart, some prattle on without actually saying anything, and some are expressive with hardly a word. As a new Father’s Day–themed ad for Lagavulin whiskey makes clear, company pitchman Nick Offerman and his dad Ric are real big on approach No. 3. 

The spot has father and son spending an afternoon together out on the lake. Offerman the younger, of course, has built a reputation for reserved, outdoorsy masculinity, both as Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson and as a real-life craftsman. Papa bear Ric, unsurprisingly, is cut from the same cloth. What would two guys like that discuss? Go ahead and eavesdrop—you might just find yourself staring off into the distance while “[LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY].”

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