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That Gigantic Golf Course Alligator Got the Jurassic Park Remix It Deserved

How’s this for a movie pitch: A group of golfers is out enjoying a leisurely day at the links, when, out of nowhere, a monster appears. That’s what happened last week at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, and there’s footage to prove it. The monster in question, it turns out, was just a gigantic alligator, but its earthly origins did little to lessen the awe of onlookers or keep it from becoming a viral sensation.

Loath to let the buzz abate, one YouTuber has now remixed the clip as only a movie fan could: by inserting it into Jurassic Park. Watch as a proud John Hammond (Sir Richard Attenborough) and a slack-jawed Alan Grant (Sam Neill) stare in shared wonderment at … a gator. It’s unclear whether the characters and their off-screen pals intend to play through, but golf, “uh … finds a way.”