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The Definitive Version of the Game of Thrones Theme Is Here, and It’s Sung by Animals

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Every Sunday night, at roughly 9 p.m., that familiar Game of Thrones theme comes on to tunefully prep us for the carnage to come. So indelible is the melody that it’s spawned an endless array of covers, from metal to midi to brass to jazz to cellos to way more cellos to something called a cimbalom to whatever you want to call this. (And the list goes on.) Really, you’d think we’d have exhausted the possibilities by now.

But have you ever truly heard a song till you’ve heard it sung by animals? You can now do exactly that, thanks to YouTubers Insane Cherry and their motley crew made up of a dog, a cat, a goat, and a donkey. No word on whether Ser Pounce and the direwolves were invited to participate.