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The Honest Trailer for Finding Nemo Explains That This Movie Is Much, Much Darker Than You Remember

With Finding Nemo, Pixar explored parental anxiety through the aquatic adventures of clownfish. Now that its sequel, Finding Dory, is set for another deep dive into adulthood’s existential dilemmas, it’s the perfect time for a clear-eyed look at movie that kicked things off. Cue the Honest Trailer, the latest from Screen Junkies.

As the clip reminds us, Pixar movies tend to follow a by-now-familiar formula: heartbreaking opening, sincere protagonist, wacky sidekick, and some sight gags for the kids. Finding Nemo checked every box with its story about a neurotic dad forced to let go of his totally reasonable fear that the ocean is, at all times, trying to kill you. Cartoon character growth par excellence. Just one catch, as Screen Junkies explain: Audiences loved Nemo so much that they then snatched up tons of his fellow clownfish and dropped them into tiny bedroom aquariums. We might need a few more sequels to get them all home.