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Did You Miss the Very Charming Rap Video That Ran After the Credits of Everybody Wants Some!!? Slate Has the Exclusive Clip.

If Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!, the story of a baseball team at a South Texas university, has one defining trait, it is: charm. In the words of Slate’s Dan Kois, the movie is an “easygoing masterpiece” that somehow makes a troupe of initially indistinguishable bros seem, in the end, amazingly vivid and distinct. Nearly every moment we spend with these characters is a low-key delight.

And yet one of the most winsome sequences in the whole film, which is released on digital HD today, is a postscript that airs after the closing credits—a rap video that, based on an informal poll of Slate colleagues who have seen the movie, many audience members completely missed. Fortunately, Paramount sent the clip along to Slate, so if you missed Willoughby’s rhymes about “the sun and the stars” or Finn’s rap about “the one thing bigger than [his] IQ” when you saw the movie in theaters, now you can watch it all here.

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