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Daveed Diggs and Others Give Pop Culture Essentials the Hamilton Treatment

In case you hadn’t had enough Hamilton today, here’s a new video mixtape featuring Daveed Diggs, who is up for a Tony this weekend. The extraordinarily quick rapper joins his bandmate Rafael Casal and the musical theater workshop #Bars for a medley that remixes pop culture staples by rapping everything from Singin’ in the Rain to Good Will Hunting.

Casal and Diggs lead the first verse themselves (dressed, rather adorably, as Calvin and Hobbes) to explain the rules and set the scene: Each verse will take a scene from a movie, comic, or TV show and make it rhyme. The ensemble manages to find lyrical inspiration in unlikely places, including Scandal, The Devil Wears Prada, and Mean Girls (although let’s face it, no verse could beat the rap that actually made it into the movie), before finishing with a blatantly Hamilton-inspired take on The Breakfast Club: “I’m John Bender in the place to be/ With my ass in detention straight perpetually.”

The most impressive part? They filmed the entire thing in one take.