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Dana Carvey’s Donald Trump Impression Is a Strong Contender in the Trump Impression Sweepstakes

Donald Trump is obviously the go-to impression these days, whether you’re an SNL cast member, a little kid, or an Academy Award–winning actress. Master impersonator Dana Carvey trotted out his own take on the Donald on Conan last night, and let me tell you, it is just tremendous. The essentials of any Trump impression are all there—wild gesticulations, overuse of words like terrific, that accent—but Carvey also brings the eye for little details that made his George Bush so excellent, really laying into Trump’s pursed lips and head movements as he imagines Trump’s pitch after the inevitable nuclear catastrophe that would follow his election.

Though his Trump is the standout, Carvey also takes a stab at the Democrats in the race, lampooning the Clintons and Bernie Sanders. And while his Sanders isn’t likely to put Larry David out of a job, it does prove that Carvey’s still got it.