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A Birthday Roast Goes Very Wrong in This Cut SNL Sketch With Chris Hemsworth

If you’re the overly sensitive type, then maybe don’t beg for a birthday roast—a helpful reminder from your friends at SNL. The latest cut-for-time sketch stars Beck Bennett as Johnny, a guy who loves Comedy Central roasts so much that he asks for one at this birthday party. His buddies Jack and Dave (played by Pete Davidson and host Chris Hemsworth) are only too happy to oblige, renting out a bar full of friends and supplying the requisite throne, crown, and cape so that Johnny can get the full experience. At first, he predictably geeks out. 

There’s only one problem: Johnny can’t take a joke. At all. When Jack takes a light jab at Johnny’s career, the birthday boy jumps from his chair to guilt the chuckling crowd: “Ha ha ha. Laugh at the dumb idiot who’s not as successful as his friends at his own birthday. Well, guess what? I got fired five months ago, but I didn’t tell anyone because I’m too scared and embarrassed.” [Crickets.] Next up? Dave, who pokes innocent fun at Johnny’s lame car and tapered jeans. That’s more than enough to earn Johnny’s wrath: “This guy’s a bad father. Doesn’t like his kids.” By the time Johnny’s ex-girlfriend Mallory (Vanessa Bayer) nervously approaches the podium, we’re all expecting the worst. And Johnny doesn’t disappoint.