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Amy Schumer Is Every Adorkable Mobile Company Spokeswoman Ever in This Funny Fake Commercial

A new Inside Amy Schumer sketch lampoons the pristine world of mobile phone and insurance commercials by looking at the tormented reality behind the scenes. Schumer, acting as a representative for “Mobile C,” perfectly embodies the qualities of the typical adorkable saleswomen who inhabit Apple and Progressive ads: They’re upbeat! They’re reassuring! They’re unthreatening to average, insecure men! Their bangs are perfectly parted! (All traits that make Zooey Deschanel the perfect celebrity spokesperson.)

The fake ad’s director may have found his Flo in Schumer, but he isn’t as happy with her co-star’s performance—is he supposed to be flirty or awkward? Things escalate quickly, and you’ll probably never watch another commercial for “4G wireless hotspots” the same way again.