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The Honest Trailer for Wreck-It Ralph Proves That This Movie Is Basically Toy Story for Video Games

Wreck-It Ralph was a huge hit when it was first released in 2012, taking in the highest opening weekend sales ever for a Walt Disney Animation Studios movie (at least until Frozen arrived a year later). A lot of factors likely helped to make it so, but perhaps none was so crucial as the comfortingly familiar storyline—as Screen Junkies points out in their latest “Honest Trailer,” it boasts the “exact same premise [as Toy Story] but for video games.” Also just like that Pixar classic, it “uses bright colors and fast pacing to distract you from its horrifying existential questions.”

The very funny trailer nods to plenty of other head-scratching aspects of Wreck-It Ralph. For instance, what were the filmmakers thinking making the bartender from Tapper a main character when they had the rights to Sonic the Hedgehog? And what was with all of the candy puns? (There are so many!) Indeed, there’s a lot to wonder about when you think too hard about the nuts-and-bolts of Wreck-It Ralph. Nevertheless, it’s still a creative triumph, for Disney managed to figure out the well-kept secret to making a good video game movie: Don’t “focus too much on the video games.”