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Colbert Talks to Little Kids About the Election, and They Really Get It. (Also, They’re Cute.)

The 2016 election may have forced the rest of us into awareness of dumb and despicable public figures such as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio, but at least some kids have been lucky enough not to have any clue who most of them are. On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert interviewed a few folks under the age of 7 and tested their knowledge of the presidential race and what the president does. “The president is someone who makes the city a better place,” says one wide-eyed child. “He helps the world,” coos another.

It’s adorable. Despite their youth, they still prove that kids can be incredibly perceptive. When Colbert asks what animal Cruz resembles most, one says a snake. Another kid reveals that Bernie Sanders’ face makes them feel “confused.” And they’re really good at describing Trump’s hair. Through it all, they reveal none of the exasperation, anger, and frustration that you or I would exude when discussing these very same topics. They’re doing just fine.

Ah, to be a small child again, living in blissful ignorance of the political and cultural shit show wrought by childlike adults.