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The First Photo of the New Power Rangers Costume Is Here, and It Includes … Wedge Heels. OK!

The original Ranger suits were considerably more practical.

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

The world was granted an early peek at the suits for the upcoming Power Rangers reboot movie Thursday in the form of an exclusive photo for Entertainment Weekly: The magazine described the suits as “translucent extraterrestrial armor that crystallizes around [the rangers’] bodies.”

The costumes don’t completely abandon the look of the suits from the original ’90s kids series—each ranger still wears one color head to toe, hence names like the Blue Ranger and the Yellow Ranger—but the new suits are also notably much higher-tech-looking than the spandex-and-helmet combinations of yore. In fact, in the picture EW released, the rangers look more like plastic action figures than humans in costumes.

The two female rangers’ costumes diverge in a few interesting ways from the male rangers. Instead of the flat expanse of armor across the chest that the black, blue, and red rangers’ suits each have, the pink and yellow rangers have bulbously shaped armor in the chest area to accommodate their breasts, which is a cute look. Underwire bras probably feel like a treat by comparison. And as our foremost pop cultural critic Chrissy Teigen noted on Twitter, the female Power Ranger onesie suits feature an interesting twist: wedges. (The male costumes have no such height.)

High heels may be all right for traipsing around Jurassic World, but it appears that, when it comes time to battle Rita Repulsa, a female ranger needs something with a tad more comfort and mobility—though still with the lift and calf enhancement offered by a bit of heel, of course. The slouchy white boots of previous iteration of the suit were probably better for running and roundhouse-kicking, but in the costume designer’s defense: A little heel can be incredibly slimming.