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Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams Duet in Huttese in the Latest #Ham4Ham

Ever since The Force Awakens came out last December, fans (us included) have been asking Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams when they’d be releasing the song they co-wrote for the new Star Wars movie’s cantina scene. Now that day is finally here, and the Hamilton creator and the Star Wars director saved a special surprise for it.

For this week’s #Ham4Ham show—planned for this year’s Star Wars Day (so named because it’s when fans say, “May the fourth be with you”)—the two made their first public appearance as cantina band Shag Kava to perform “Jabba Flow,” before announcing that the song is now available on music services including iTunes and Apple Music. If you’ve ever wondered why Shag Kava are called that or what in the name of “jizz music” they’re singing, Miranda explained that, too: The lyrics translate to “No, lover lover, it wasn’t me,” meaning that all along the whole thing was an elaborate homage to Shaggy, and no one ever noticed. So that’s the story of why Lin-Manuel Miranda is a MacArthur-certified genius and you are not.

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