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Hayes Carll on Lovers and Leavers

The singer-songwriter digs deep on his latest album and comes up with the best record of his career.

Hayes Carll.

Jacob Blickenstaff

Listen to this episode of the Moment with guest Hayes Carll:

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Hayes Carll is a singer-songwriter who just released the best album of his career. It’s titled Lovers and Leavers and you can purchase it by clicking here. To kick off the show, Hayes plays a song—“Sake of the Song”—from the new album and then talks to Brian about getting out of his creative comfort zone [8:00], the process of creating the album [16:00], and the fear of not doing what was expected of him [30:00]. Plus, Carll and Brian learn about the death of Guy Clark [38:00] and discuss how his new songs are being received and what it feels like to reconnect with his music and fans [43:00].


Topics mentioned:

Lovers and Leavers by Hayes Carll
“Sake of the Song” by Hayes Carll
“Chances Are” by Lee Ann Womack and Hayes Carll
Closing Time by Tom Waits
Darkness on the Edge of Town by Bruce Springsteen
Old No. 1 by Guy Clark
Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan
A Simple Twist of Fate by Andy Gill
Junky by William S. Burroughs
The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll
“Good While It Lasted” by Hayes Carll
“You Leave Alone” by Hayes Carll
“The Magic Kid” by Hayes Carll
“Long Time Gone” by Darrell Scott
“The Man Who Could Have Played Bass for Sha Na Na” by Darrell Scott
“Willing to Love Again” by Hayes Carll
“Love Don’t Let Me Down” Hayes Carll
The Old Quarter in Galveston, Texas
Oh Mercy by Bob Dylan
The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson
Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

People mentioned:

Hayes Carll
Guy Clark
Jason Isbell
Townes van Zandt
Joe Henry
Todd Snider
Shovels and Rope
Leonard Cohen
John Moreland
Larry McMurtry

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