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Think Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs Raps Fast as Lafayette? Here He Is Rapping Way Faster.

Daveed Diggs, who is nominated for a Tony for playing the dual roles of the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, is the best part of Hamilton to many fans (present company included). Diggs, who writes and performs with the hip-hop group Clipping when he’s not starring on Broadway, raps fast enough to leave his Hamilton co-stars in the dust, at one point uttering 19 words in three seconds (with crystal clear enunciation and a goofy French accent). However, as Diggs told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, “In the rap world, that’s medium-fast.” In a transparently premeditated bit, Diggs proceeded to show Fallon just how fast rap-world fast is by performing the first verse of the Clipping song “Taking Off,” which starts off at a pace anyone could recite but progressively gets twice, three times, and four times faster, resulting in a mind-blowing fusillade of syllables.

Fellow Tony nominee Christopher Fitzgerald, your move.