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Someone Edited Bernie Sanders Into an Episode of Seinfeld, and He Sure Looks Perfectly at Home

Bernie Sanders frequently invokes his desire to focus on important, substantive issues. At first blush—Brooklyn accent aside—that would seem to make him an odd fit for Seinfeld, a show that was about nothing. But now a new mashup positions Sanders as the perfect foil for the perpetually unserious Seinfeld set.

The video superimposes Sanders’ talking head onto the body of—who else?—George Costanza, a character based on Sanders’ own doppelgänger, Larry David. The conceit is simple: Sanders opines on the problems facing America, and Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer respond with their typical bemusement and discomfort. The results are silly and a bit incongruous—not that there’s anything wrong with that. As absurd and endless as this election cycle has felt, the levity is welcome. Serenity now!