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Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart Frolic in 1930s Hollywood in the Trailer for Woody Allen’s Café Society

Woody Allen is famously prolific—he’s released a film nearly every year since his 1966 feature debut What’s Up, Tiger Lily?—and we now have the trailer for his 2016 entry, Café Society. Jesse Eisenberg stars as a New Yorker who relocates to Hollywood in the 1930s to connect with his slick-sounding film industry uncle, played by Steve Carell. Once there, the young romantic finds himself “kind of half-bored, half-fascinated” as he explores his surroundings and takes in wisdom from the society elite (“Unrequited love kills more people in a year than tuberculosis”; “Socrates said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ But the examined one … is no bargain”).

From its trailer, it looks like the film offers all the Allen trademarks—moral dilemmas, tangled love triangles, and flip philosophical quips. The cast includes Kristen Stewart (who starred alongside Eisenberg in Adventureland and American Ultra), Blake Lively, Corey Stoll, and Parker Posey. We’ll find out where Café Society falls within Woody Allen’s ever-growing body of work when it hits theaters Aug. 12.