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Adam Sandler’s The Do-Over Looks Like Maybe It Would Have Benefited From a Do-Over

Some of the greatest films ever made are metaphors for their own creation: , Adaptation, Bowfinger. Now it looks like there’s a new entry on the list: The Do-Over, coming to Netflix on May 27. Boring bank manager David Spade meets exciting FBI agent Adam Sandler, much like boring streaming media site Netflix met exciting movie star Adam Sandler. You can tell from the first shot that Sandler’s bad news, but somehow Spade doesn’t see it, and then before anyone’s sure what happened, yachts are exploding, people are being shot, and Netflix is releasing trailers where the most memorable image is bunk-bed tandem masturbation.

And this is only the second film in a four-film deal. Repeat: There are two more Sandler Netflix comedies on the way after The Do-Over. (The first was The Ridiculous 6.) So while David Spade presumably finds a way to disentangle himself from Sandler within a couple of hours, Netflix is in for the long haul. Which, frankly, they’re probably fine with: An inexplicable number of people watched The Ridiculous 6.