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This Eerie Real-Time Simulation of the Sinking of the Titanic Is Chillingly Detailed

It was 104 years ago that RMS Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The disaster remains one of modern history’s most infamous, having captured the public’s fascination as the backdrop for James Cameron’s Titanic and other retellings. But there’s semifictional storytelling, and then there’s as-it-happened reality. A new simulation aims for the latter, and the results are stunning.

Created as part of the Titanic: Honor and Gloryproject, the two-hour-and-41-minute video is a precursor to an in-development interactive game. If that idea sounds exploitative, given the context, rest assured that this simulation, at least, is nothing of the sort. Instead, it recounts the tragedy with appropriate solemnity and a respectful attention to accuracy and detail.