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You Can Finally Stream The Life of Pablo on Other Services, So Here’s How to Unsubscribe From Tidal


Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

The day of our salvation is here: After more than a month of subscribing to Tidal just to listen to The Life of Pablo, Kanye West fans can now stream it on other services. West previously tweeted that the format-shattering album would “never never never” be available anywhere but Tidal, but as of Friday, it’s available on Apple Music and Spotify to stream, with a download available for purchase on West’s website. There are still no physical copies on the horizon, however, which makes it easier for West to ensure that his album remains a “living, breathing, changing creative expression.” West updated several tracks as recently as Wednesday, and Def Jam says he is going to keep changing it, calling it “a continuous process.”

For those wondering how to cancel your subscription, you can do so here. Now, go—be free.

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