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The Daily Show Made a Rap Video Using Only Trump Quotes, and It’s Unnervingly Catchy

Donald Trump’s outrageous sound bites and shocking tweets have been fodder for pundits throughout the 2016 election, but now The Daily Show has elevated Trumpisms to an art form. Correspondent Roy Wood Jr. reprises his role as “Black Trump” to perform “They Love Me,” a surprising believable and unnervingly catchy rap made up entirely of real Donald Trump quotes, with a music video to match. Watch Black Trump threaten Ted Cruz and discuss the length of his, er, “fingers” in his natural habitats: golf courses, conference tables, and of course, in front of crowds of screaming protestors.

From fairly innocuous campaign-trail gaffes like “I was down there at 7-Eleven” to some of his far more toxic rhetoric, it turns out that Trump’s many boasts and disses, when strung together and set to a beat, actually make for some pretty plausible brag rhymes. You can find the full lyrics, complete with annotations, here.