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Taran Killam Unleashes His Killer Impersonation of a Waterlogged Dead Body on SNL

Sometimes a Saturday Night Live impersonation just cuts to the quick of its subject, revealing someone’s essential nature for all to see and snicker at. That was definitely the case Saturday night, when Taran Killam absolutely nailed his impersonation of the floating corpse of Devon, the parasailing instructor at the least romantic honeymoon hotel in the Caribbean. His vacant, staring eyes, his gentle swaying in the currents, the way he smooshes his nose against the window—Killam captures everything that makes Devon Devon.

Although it would have been a bolder choice to just air five minutes of a floating body, the skit has a framing device: Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett play a couple whose underwater honeymoon suite is ruined by Devon drifting by, and host Peter Dinklage plays the hapless hotel manager. It’s a pretty great sketch, especially considering it’s essentially an extended version of the old pantomime-going-down-stairs-behind-the-couch routine.