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This Video of Animals Singing Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” Is Actually a Very Impressive Feat of Editing (Also, Cute)

Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” is a great song, and there are lots of ways to honor a great song. You can cover it. You can use it to score a movie or a TV show. You can even go wild and combine the two. But if you’re shooting for some next-level stuff—creativity that’ll really stand out from the crowd—there’s another option: Get animals to sing it.

Well, the evil geniuses at Insane Cherry have done just that. Their latest video stitches together a symphony of growls, howls, barks, and meows to recreate the Surfer Rosa classic. So if you’ve ever wondered what Kim Deal would sound like as a 10-pound chihuahua, now’s your chance to find out.