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Watch Paul McCartney Perform “A Hard Day’s Night” for the First Time in More Than 50 Years

Here’s something Beatles fans (i.e. everyone) will certainly appreciate: For the first time since 1965, when the Beatles played Daly City, Ca., Paul McCartney performed “A Hard Day’s Night,” live. Macca played the Beatles classic to kick off his One on One tour Wednesday night, and the opener set the mood for the rest of the show, whose set list was packed with other hits from the Fab Four’s catalog, including “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “Here There and Everywhere,” and “Love Me Do.”

That last one, according to Rolling Stone, was an even rarer occurrence—the last time McCartney performed it was with the Beatles in 1963. Presumably, the magazine is choosing to ignore the time he did a pretty dated (and terrible) mashup of “Love Me Do” along with “P.S. I Love You” in 1990—and for that, it can be forgiven.