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Inside Amy Schumer’s Latest Season 4 Teaser Has a Very Overt Central Theme

Inside Amy Schumer’s Season 4 return to Comedy Central is now less than a week away—meaning it’s the perfect time to squeeze in another teaser. Instead of bringing us to the doctor’s office, mimicking another very popular TV show, or annoying Lin-Manuel Miranda (as seen in a recent sketch released ahead of the new season), Schumer’s latest teaser gives us a broader glimpse at what we can expect.

From the looks of things, this season has a lot of narratives that center around vaginas, sex, and masturbation: In a rapid-fire set of raunchy clips, she strip teases, discusses her wet dreams, and introduces her friend to a special new yogurt. So, in other words, it’s a typical season of Inside Amy Schumer. Here’s hoping we get another song that’s as catchy as “Milk Milk Lemonade.”