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A Minneapolis Radio Station Is Paying Tribute to Prince With All Prince All the Time, and You Can Listen Here

Prince Super Bowl

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a way to mourn the loss of Prince right now, one great way is to drop in on this Minneapolis radio station’s loving tribute to the Purple One. The Current is streaming nothing but Prince at the moment, in chronological order, occasionally pausing to share fond memories that will surely lift your spirits. (For what it’s worth, this is also one of the very few ways to stream Prince.) Elsewhere on the site, more lengthy homages abound, proving that there’s no love for Prince like the love from Minneapolis.

Writes Minneapolis Public Radio producer Jay Gabler

Perhaps most importantly, though, Prince’s music is evidence—to the world, and to Minnesotans ourselves—of the diversity of our state, and of our music. When you listen to Prince, you hear the influences of all the artists he grew up with: black, white, funky, rocking, groovy, prickly. It’s not the sound of Minnesota’s lonesome prairie, it’s the sound of our dense cities. This utopian artist proved that music truly can break barriers—if u want it 2.

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