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Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s Crazy Story About the Time Prince Destroyed Him in Ping-Pong

Prince was a generous guy, in life and in music. When it came to games, though? Dude was competitive. The lore abounds: There was the time he punctuated a ping-pong win over Michael Jackson by taunting, “He played like Helen Keller!” and the time when he humiliated Charlie Murphy in a game of basketball, as famously recounted on Chappelle’s Show. Nor should we forget Questlove’s amazing recollection of how Prince wouldn’t let anyone even snap a picture of his sparkling roller skates. And now, thanks to Jimmy Fallon, we have yet another bizarre and hilarious tale to imagine.

As the story goes, Prince’s reps called to say that he wanted to play Fallon in ping-pong. (Not for the cameras, mind you, but in private—Prince just figured it would be fun.) When the two finally hooked up for a game at New York’s Spin, a ping-pong social club, the experience was just as unabashedly Prince-like as could be.

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