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Does the Space Invaders Trick From Everybody Wants Some Really Work? We Tested It Out.

Everybody Wants Some!!
Did these bros figure out the secret to Space Invaders domination?

Van Redin for Paramount Pictures

Richard Linklater’s new movie Everybody Wants Some!! is full of college-bro wisdom: the (supposed) secret to picking up chicks, the reason why Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” is better than Van Halen’s whole discography, and, in one particularly eye-opening scene, the little-known trick for dominating at Space Invaders.

But is the trick as easy as the movie makes it look? We tracked down a vintage Space Invaders machine at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens to give it the old college try.

Note: As we discovered while filming this video, the strategy is quite a bit more complicated than the movie makes it look. If, after watching the movie, you want to truly master it, you should read this detailed guide.

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