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Bryan Cranston Tries to Take Down Pablo Escobar in the Trailer for The Infiltrator

In 1986, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was supplying an estimated 80 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States, making him the richest criminal in history and one of the DEA’s prime targets. The Infiltrator brings that story to the screen, with Bryan Cranston starring as Robert Mazur, the DEA agent who went undercover to try to bring Escobar down. (Which makes sense: Cranston knows a thing or two about kingpin operations.)

The trailer gives us plenty to chew on. Cranston’s on-screen wife Juliet Aubrey provides the grounded element: “Promise me this is the last one,” she pleads with him before he slips undercover to go after Escobar. Cranston’s on-screen partner John Leguizamo, a wild-card cop who “knows these people,” brings the fun: “You gotta play with them, you gotta drink with them—you gotta do whatever you gotta do, man!” Benjamin Bratt as Roberto Alcaino, Escobar’s primary distributor, brings the danger: “When there is no loyalty, it never ends well.” And Cranston himself? He brings his trademark in-too-deep nerves and charisma. The Infiltrator busts into theaters July 15.