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Aziz Ansari Made a Very Aziz Ansari–Like Video for Kanye West’s “Famous.” (Woooo!)

In a delightful turn of events, self-described Kanye West fan Aziz Ansari has made a music video for the rapper’s controversial hit “Famous.” In it, Ansari and his Master of None co-star Eric Wareheim traipse past various touristy Roman attractions (where the two may or may not be currently filming the show’s second season) but also stomp down nondescript alleyways and throwing their arms up in meadows. 

Every now and again, one of them will mouth along to the words of the song—e.g., the “WoooOOOOOO!’s”—but the best part by far is watching them go to town on some seriously delicious-looking pasta dishes and what appears to have been a lot of wine.