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Watch Amy Schumer Perform Her Own Historical Hip-Hop Musical for Lin-Manuel Miranda

Amy Schumer, like everyone else in America, has ideas for Lin-Manuel Miranda. In a sketch from the forthcoming season of Inside Amy Schumer, Schumer invites the Hamilton creator and star to watch a rehearsal for her own “hip-hopera about historical wig and kneesock people,” Bethenny Ross—actually, make that Betsy Ross. Schumer spits potent verses like “How does a woman who does not know how to sew learn to sew and then go on to sew a flag for her country—and if so, what could her name be?” and a “Hotline Bling” homage centered around the line “I heard you called to have your flag sewn.”


There are guest appearances from Schumer’s sister and writing partner Kim Caramele and from the Roots’ Questlove (who produced the Hamilton cast album), but the highlights of the sketch are the reaction shots of Miranda, whose deadpan facial expressions slowly deteriorate from optimistic to disappointed to horrified. It’s great to see Miranda—most of whose recent on-screen performances have been in the form of talk-show appearances and lo-fi #Ham4Ham videos—show off his acting skills in a venue with higher production values. Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central on April 21.

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