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Al Sharpton Stopped by Saturday Night Live to Talk Voter Suppression With Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton has been a Saturday Night Live standby since 2000. Jerry Minor, Tracy Morgan, and Kenan Thompson have all taken their shot at impersonating the civil rights leader over the past decade-and-a-half. He’s appeared on the show before too, even hosting in 2003. But Saturday night, he came face to face with his own doppelganger, in a cameo as a statistical analyst appearing on Politics Nation With Al Sharpton, hosted by Kenan Thompson’s Al Sharpton.

Or at least, Sharpton came face to face with what would have been his doppelganger, if not for the fact that the real man has lost a great deal of weight since Thompson first took on the role back in 2004. But a physical resemblance isn’t enough on its own to make a great impression—the key to Thompson’s is his mastery of the almost-plausible vocal flub. So check out the video above for Sharpton’s Black Approval Rating Scale and a spirited discussion of black voters’ disenfrenchfriesment.