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In the Sweet Trailer for The Meddler, Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne Are Mother and Daughter

It’s hard to imagine a better pair than Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne to play a slightly dysfunctional mother-daughter duo in the upcoming movie The Meddler. As an aging widow (and resultant helicopter mom), Sarandon plays the too-doting mother of Byrne, her appreciative but smothered daughter. Throw in J.K. Simmons and Cecily Strong, and that’s a lot of comic chemistry.

True to the title, the first trailer features much meddling by the Jersey-accented, bagel-toting Sarandon—and a lot of Byrne’s trademark amusingly subdued frustration. Fortunately, it looks like Simmons’ character enters the picture to give Sarandon something else to focus on—a little romance and, if nothing else, one more life to meddle in. The movie hits theaters April 22.