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Trevor Noah Is Very Angry at the Media for Its Breathless Coverage of Trump

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah delivered a scathing rebuke to the (rest of the) media, whom he blamed in large part for the phenomenon that is Trump. Noah kept it blunt: “The media loves Trump because covering Trump makes the media money.” Noah cited a New York Times investigation, which found that the media had given Trump almost $2-billion worth of free coverage over the past nine months—as much as was spent on all Super Bowl commercials for the past five years combined.

“Frankly, America would be better off with President Puppymonkeybaby,” Noah quipped before returning to his more sober point: The media is supposed to keep politicians honest, not indulge or even encourage their basest instincts. As Noah pointed out, you never want to walk into a doctor’s office, only to hear a physician say, “I hate to see all these patients coming in with cancer, but I have to admit, it’s been really good for my practice.”