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It’s So Sad to Watch Sad Ben Affleck React to a Reporter’s Question About Batman v Superman Reviews

Ben Affleck has had a bad few years. First there was the very public dissolution of his marriage; and now, there is the gleefully negative public reception of his movie Batman v Superman. The reviews are in, and Batman v Superman is bad. So just look at Ben Affleck’s haunted expression in this video as an interviewer asks him and co-star Henry Cavill about the critical response to the film. In times like these, there’s only one thing to do: Zone out to some Simon and Garfunkel until it all blows over.

And zone out Affleck does, while Cavill gamely attempts a longwinded reply to the interviewer’s question. “The Sound of Silence” makes the perfect sonic backdrop as Affleck seems to try and pretend he’s anywhere but in that room.