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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the “Schoolyard Fight” Between Trump, Rubio, and Christie

For those who once hoped the GOP primaries would finally oust Donald Trump and return to reason, the past couple of weeks—especially Super Tuesday—have been a huge blow. As the increasingly nasty race for the nomination heats up, Seth Meyers gave the GOP landscape a closer look—and it’s not pretty. According to Meyers, they’ve devolved into a “schoolyard fight.”

“Remember when Trump insulted John McCain’s war record and it seemed like the worst thing a candidate could possibly say?” Meyers asked. “What’s happening now makes that seem like a soft burn from the Dowager Countess.” Marco Rubio has been reduced to Trump’s level, even making penis jokes at Trump’s expense; Chris Christie, who has long been skeptical of Trump’s viability as a political leader has suddenly fallen in line and endorsed him.

Meanwhile, Trump refused to disavow the KKK and has now essentially said that he wants to do away with the First Amendment. We should all be afraid of Trump now, says Meyers (echoing a now widely-held belief), who compares the very real possibility of a Trump presidency to Snakes on a Plane: “Sure, the idea is entertaining, but an actual snake on an actual plane would be terrifying.” It might be time for establishment Republicans to consider what they’ll do if Trump really does get nominated.