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Jurassic Park Without Dinosaurs Somehow Still Seems Like a Pretty Good Movie

A fun thing about Jurassic Park is that, if you remove the dinosaurs, it becomes a movie about people who are blown away by the sight of … trees. Or grass. Basically, nature. At least, that’s true of the scene in this fan-made masterpiece by video editor William Hirsch, in which he removed all the dinosaurs so that Sam Neill and Laura Dern could gawk and rejoice at the sight of foliage and water as Richard Attenborough welcomes them to not Jurassic Park but simply “Park.”

This scene, of course, occurs before the dino rampage sends everyone running for their lives and maims Jeff Goldblum. It’s hard to imagine how resplendent landscape views could wreak similar havoc to the T-Rex, the raptors, and the poison-spitting dilophosaurus, but surely Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm could use chaos theory to find an explanation.