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This Featurette Goes Behind the Scenes for the Making of Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones is one of the most immersive dramas on TV, and a new featurette released in advance of Season 6 makes clear that it takes a village to build a world. Inside GoT: The Best Seat in the House spotlights the unsung work of Game of Thrones’ camera operators and their crews. Interviews with the operators serve as narration and are edited together to address various topics, including how the operators approach the task of translating the director’s vision, what goes into framing a shot, and why weather and terrain are among the crews’ biggest challenges.

It seems the operators each take their own unique approach to the job, but common themes nonetheless emerge. For one thing, although shot composition matters, what matters most is that the camerawork tell the story as vividly as possible. Additionally, the finished product owes much of its excellence to the show’s tireless and creative production crew, who must work in tandem every step of the way. The featurette drives home that point with various behind-the-scenes production clips—a teaser, perhaps, of what’s to come in Season 6, which premieres April 24.