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Papa: Hemingway in Cuba Promises Hemingway, Cuba, Gunfights

The trailer for Papa: Hemingway in Cuba, a new entry in the minor-connection-to-major-figure genre, has dropped, and this is not the Hemingway you remember. The film—shot in Cuba—is framed from the perspective of a character based on Denne Bart Petitclerc who befriends Ernest Hemingway in the late 1950s. The real Denne Bart Petitclerc followed Hemingway to Idaho and wrote the screenplay for the 1977 adaptation of Islands in the Stream. The fictional one, judging from the trailer and the fact that he’s been renamed “Ed Lynch,” went on to become a vigilante superhero. In fact, the trailer is cut together to strongly imply Hemingway waged a one-man Cuban Revolution, running guns and dynamite, packing a Luger, and growling, “We’re all gonna die sometime, kid,” at Lynch. Is it a bait and switch or the start of a Hemingway action franchise? Audiences will have to wait until April 29 to find out. Hemingway is played by Adrian Sparks, Ed Lynch is played by Giovanni Ribisi, and the Cuban Revolution is played by The Godfather: Part II.