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Stephen Colbert and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom Turn Late Show Into a Musical

We should all assume that when Rachel Bloom goes anywhere, there’s a potential musical number in the works. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which Bloom co-created and stars in, breaks into clever, amusing songs all the time, and from what we saw on Bloom’s Late Show appearance Tuesday night, so does she. When Colbert asked Bloom to explain musicals as a form, we all knew what was coming.

“In musicals, there’s like, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and suddenly there’s singing,” Colbert said. “That doesn’t happen in the real world.”

“I like to think it could,” Bloom replied. A piano note was struck, and thus Colbert found himself taking part in an interactive lesson as the two traded musical quips back and forth. It was the perfect musical duet pairing: she got in some satirical, self-deprecating remarks in the spirit of her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend character Rebecca Bunch, and he proved yet again why no other late night host can interview a guest quite like he can.