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Cecily Strong Played a Hilarious, Nightmarish “Drunk Bachelor Contestant” on Weekend Update

Cecily Strong added a new character to her roster on Saturday Night Live, debuting “The Drunkest Contestant on The Bachelor.” Her performance is more than a little reminiscent of recent sorry-you-are-not-a-Bachelor-winner Lace. But Strong’s drunk act is spectacular beyond its skill as an imitation—the kind of thing an actor could build a career on. Weekend Update host Colin Jost can’t keep a straight face at Strong’s crazy-eyed, lockjaw smile.

Between this and the “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party,” Strong is really cornering the market on playing aggressively unpleasant people to talk to. It remains to be seen whether “The Drunkest Contestant on The Bachelor” will recur, but the character, at least, thinks the odds are good, assuring Jost, “I’ll be on TV again, ‘cause I’m a wide-awake nightmare.”