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An Annotation of That Photo of Garry Shandling’s Comedian Friends at the Basketball Game They Played in His Honor

Garry Shandling was so beloved by other comics that his death prompted an instant outpouring of tributes—not only acknowledging the long shadow he cast over the comedy world, but also praising his personal generosity and warmth. There’s a reason Shandling has been called “the comedian’s comedian’s comedian”: he was a rallying point for his friends and a mentor to many younger comics. So it’s fitting that he would host weekly basketball games at his L.A. home that brought together a motley, deeply un-sporty-looking crew from the far corners of Hollywood. Judd Apatow, who worked with Shandling on The Larry Sanders Show, posted a photo to Instagram that showed Shandling’s friends assembled class-portrait-style as they honored the late comedian on the court. The photo features some expected faces (Sarah Silverman, Jeffrey Tambor) and a few curveballs (Ryan Phillippe?). Here is everyone we could ID:


Bottom row:

1. Judd Apatow
2. Director Jay Roach
3. Juliana Roberts
5. Kathy Griffin
6. Kelly Carlin, daughter of George
7. Kevin Nealon
8. Kevin Nealon’s son
9. Kelly Carlin’s husband, Bob McCall
10. Tim Rose
11. Mark Flanagan, who runs the Largo in LA
12. Writer/producer Jay Kogen

Second row from bottom:

15. Bruce Grayson
16. TV writer/producer Phil Rosenthal
17. Richard Lewis
18. Breckin Meyer
19. Jesse Bradford
20. Sports journalist Jim Gray
21. Agent Jack Kinsgrud
22. Jeffrey Tambor

Third row from bottom:

23. Producer/director David Mirkin
24. Al Lubel
25. Jesse Stern
26. Ben Schwartz
27. Producer Zack Schiller
28. Writer/director Alex Richanbach

Top row:

31. Adam McKay
32. Wayne Federman
33. Ryan Phillippe
34. Chris Gartin
35. Suli McCullough
37. Lawyer Bill Isaacson
38. Producer/manager Jimmy Miller
39. Sarah Silverman

Spot anyone else here? Post in the comments or tweet @BrowBeat and we’ll update.