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Zoolander and Hansel Stopped by Weekend Update to Critique Presidential Candidate Fashion

In advance of the 2016 election—and their 2016 return to theaters—Derek Zoolander and Hansel swung by Weekend Update to offer their expert assessment of the candidates’ fashion choices.

“Hillary’s from the ’90s, which are very hot right now,” observed Hansel. “Hillary’s style reminds me of one of my all time fashion icons: Kim Jong Un,” agreed Zoolander. The pair offered no such love for Bernie Sanders: “Bernie’s a champion of the 99 percent—apparently, the 99 percent off table at J.C. Penney,” Zoolander said.

After a Tom Cruise/Ted Cruz mix-up—and haven’t we all been there?—the duo moved onto the only candidate who can truly understand them, Donald Trump. “Donnie’s just like us, he has the classic male model looks!” Zoolander raved. For instance: “Orange Mocha Crappacino,” “Hot Mess,” and the most recent addition to his roster, “Second Place.”