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Watch Will Ferrell Try Out to Be Stephen Colbert’s “Exotic Animal Expert,” Make Everyone Lose It

From the moment Will Ferrell stepped onto the Late Show set in a Crocodile Dundee get-up to the tune of “Hotline Bling,” we knew things were going to get weird. “I’m curious about your outfit tonight,” Colbert said before much time had passed. Ferrell noted that in its nascence, the Late Show still has yet to find an exotic animal expert—a role he’s eager to fill.

Ferrell showed off several rare, “dangerous” species to an increasingly unhinged Colbert—starting with a “Short-Spined Peruvian Mongoose” named Mulan. As Ferrell warned Colbert and his viewers about the dangerous nature of the creature, Colbert couldn’t help but notice, “That really looks like a kitty cat.” Ferrell proudly displayed and gushed about several more outlandish critters, doing his best “Jungle” Jack Hanna, but had only three words to say about Zoolander 2: “Haven’t seen it.”

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